French, born in 1965
Lives and works in Paris

Christine Maigne (born in 1965, France, lives and works in Paris) questions the paradoxal relations between natural and artificial through monumental or more intimate scale works. In Montreal, where she lived in 1999, she realises her first in situ project with Galerie Vox, ?The Vegetable Garden?, evolutive installation in the snow, followed by the exhibition ?The Gardening lesson? in Articule (Montreal, 2000). Her fictions about sprouting then interfered under different shapes in varied spaces. Her ?Eruptions? (presented in the ?white cube? of Dare Dare in Montréal, a historical building in Chemin d?art Saint-Flour or an abandoned factory in Saint-Etienne) encompass the whole inner space of the place, and the walls are subject to strange hairy developments. She reared her Implants thanks to the light of the large spaces of the H in Le Siège de Valenciennes, during a residence-exhibition in 2005. In ?Rémanence? (shown in 2010 in the mansion of L?Arthothèque de Caen, transformed in a domestic universe, and at Christian Aubert (Paris), and Plateforme (Paris), walls and objects insidiously reveal a latent organic world. Most recently, Christine Maigne?s work has been featured in the exhibition «Prime Matter» at the Drawing Museum of Laholm (Sweden), «Boîtes Noires, empreintes du monde et paysages intérieurs» at the Planetarium in Vaulx-en-Velin at the occasion of the last edition of Biennale de Lyon (France) and in the last edition of «minus20degree» Art & Architecture Biennale  in Austria.

Christine Maigne is also the author of several public art projects. In ?Le Champ d?Experiences?, realised in Angers in 2001, concrete humors organic metamorphosis (11 concrete cubes 260cm tall, in the semi-public garden of La Maison des Compagnons du devoir, work selected in the book ?Peaux de Béton?, 2013). Her ?Eclosion? project takes place in the garden and the courtyard of a school in Basse-Normandie with field protrusions punctuated with emerging white concrete elements. Carrying on with environmental realisations, she set up in 2012 a project in the retention pond of a collège in Essonne that makes the site and the water dialog with the presence of black concrete ?Cupules? (wells). She is currently worked on a site-specific permanent commission work in Orly city (France).

In parallel of her in situ permanent works, she develops in her studio a more intimate work that treats in vitro of the same notions of elementary sprouts. Under the glass, we see a certain depth in the contrast of neat and blurred, that gives a troublesome materiality to little dark developments (hair, holes or blisters) that feed with the white.


In vitro, NextLevel Galerie, Paris, France
Rémanence II, Plateforme, Paris, France
L?appartement - Moments artistiques at Christian Aubert, Paris, France

Rémanence, Artothèque de Caen, France

Le bug, Espace d?Art Contemporain Camille Lambert, Juvisy sur Orge, France
realisation of 2 video installations

Implants, L?H du Siège, Valenciennes, France

Eruption, Dare Dare, Centre de diffusion d?art multidisciplinaire, Montréal, Canada

Gardening Lessons, Articule, Centre d?art Montréal, Canada
Chemin d?art, in situ course in the city - Saint-Flour (Cantal), France

The Vegetable Garden, in situ project on a 500m2 field in the city centre, outdoor Gallery Vox, Centre d?art photographique, Montréal, Canada

Flowing Holes, Galerie du Haut-Pavé - Paris, France

Colorless green ideas, Zenit Gallery, Copenhaguen, Denmark
Pur et dru, Galerie Sud, Bagneux, France


Vaisseau Fantôme, Le 6b, Saint-Denis, France
Videoformes Festival*, Clermont-Ferrand, France

minus20degree, Art & Architecture Winter Biennale, Flachau, Austria

Boites noires, empreintes du monde et paysages intérieurs
, at the occasion of the Biennale de Lyon, Planétarium de Vaulx en Velin, France
Eclosion, permanent sculpture in situ, Journées Européennes du Patrimoine, Audrieu, France
Prime matter, Drawing Museum of Laholm, Sweden
Hommage à Bernard Point, Galerie du Haut-Pavé, Paris, France

Il est midi à l?heure de maintenant, NextLevel Gallery, Paris, France
Il est midi à l?heure de maintenant, Françoise Besson Gallery, Lyon, France

Petits volumes, Galerie du Haut Pavé, Paris, France

Petits papiers, Galerie du Haut Pavé, Paris, France

Assises, MACA Musée Civil d?Art Contemporain - Acri, Italy

Cent une chaises-oeuvres, Ministère de la Culture, Paris, France

10 saisons, Galerie du Haut Pavé, Paris, France
Champ de mire II, Centre d?arts plastiques et visuels, Lille, France
Champs de mire I, MAAC, Brussells, Belgium

Installation in situ, Saint-Etienne, France
Le béton dans tous ses états , Centre National d?Architecture, Les grands ateliers de Lisle d?Abau, France

Au bord du paysage, installation, Saint-Nectaire, France

Jeune Peinture, Espace Branly, Paris, France

* Catalogue


Cupules, Collège de Grigny (Essonne) - garden and retention pond - 30 concrete elements - 600 m2

Eclosion, School at Val de Seulles in Audrieu (Basse-Normandie) - landscape work in the garden and the playground

Le champ d?expériences, Maison des Compagnons du devoir, Angers - conception and realisation of a concrete project with the Compagnons du devoir (11 architectural scale cells in a 500m2 superficy in a garden - with the collaboration of Daniel Kahane architect)


8 month stay in New York, realisation of the project Respirations

3 month residency at L?H du Siège, Valenciennes

6 month residency at l?Atelier Fovéa (Galerie Vox), Montréal


Videoformes Festival, Exhibition catalogue, Turbulences Video