American artist Matthew Ronay’s (born 1976) work is full of playful exuberance. His toy like miniature sculptures, handcrafted from plastic, wood, metal and painted particleboard, often resemble a child’s bedroom gone awry and are usually installed on the floor. For his interpretation of his chess set, Ronay has pursued his love of narrative to a surreal « gay » picnic with an added twist. Cast in bronze and then hand painted with cartoon like simplicity, the pieces range from pink and blue cupcakes as the King and Queen on the white side to two marijuanas joints on the black side, one with tobacco as in the European style and the other without. The pawns appear in the guise of pizza slices, one side with pepperoni and the other side in plain cheese. All 32 chessmen are played on a gingham chessboard that doubles up as a picnic blanket complete with a bronze picnic basket.